In the field of aeronautics, Aviatec is a leading trader of chemicals for aeroplanes. The emphasis for its website was placed on SEO and ergonomics that would reduce the processing time for quote requests. The site is a multilingual catalogue of approximately 9,000 products. It is automatically updated from the Sage ERP (linesize 100 SQL) through custom-developed web services
The site was built with SEBLOD CCK and J2store which gives a very flexible catalog / ecommerce solution. As with most of our websites this architecture allows us to build our own custom user experience.
Joomla! has this great potential that it can be used in very different ways. Our approach is to minimize the number of extensions and rely on the CCK to build our own content type (here the products) and above all our search engine.
This was the cas again here where we had to make our own search functions on several dedicated products fields (name, sku, specifications ...)
The choice of J2store, as of Seblod is because both extensions rely on the native Joomla articles. Then instead of replacing Joomla they extend it !
15th of May, 2018


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