KIGO OE Coating equipment Handling systems

Company KIGO OE founded in 2001 by K. Kourtzoglou and G. Djordjevic with main goal to organize, design, manufacture and marketing powder coating plants equipment for powder coating, wet coating, wet electrostatic coating and handling systems for aerial transportation for products.Company's headquarters are in 13thkm Thessaloniki- Lagada in Liti Thessalonikis Greece. From earlier years the company has shown great zeal for development and promotion of its services, creating outstanding partners in the field of systems and electrostatic powder coating.
Bilingual website in English and Greek. Displays company's products, indicative work and other services. The site is responsive Multimedia , photos contact form. Part of website is build with page builder. It uses document & download manager extension.
23rd of May, 2018


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