Prague Classic Concert

Portal for selling tickets for classical music, opera, operetta, theater performances and much more...


- 5 plugins for RD e-Ticket to Acymailing (tags, filters, coupon, registration, template)
- 2 new payments (Gopay, Cash register)
- 6 new modules for RD e-Ticket (list of events, list of places, cart, sliders, list categories, time line)
- new router for SEF URL RD e-Ticket
Joomla 3.8

We have used TicketMaster from We reprogrammed it completely (approximately 500 programming hours) and added the missing features for professional use:
- operator's office
- sales places
- sellers
- Sale of discount coupons
- Online payment gateway
- Print reports for the operator
- Press releases for vendors
- Press releases for sales points
- daily closing of sales points
- Monthly commission calculation for vendors
- contingent of reserved seats for vendors
- contingent of reserved seats for sale at zero price (coupons)
- Ticketing for special thermo paper in the role of a special printer
- Online ticket scanning when entering a performance with a blocking feature

The application is now being used at a retail outlet in the Hybernia Theater in Prague, Czech Republic.

In the future, sales are planned on retailers' websites with auto-sales functionality in the DB application (using the internal API and JS)
7th of June, 2018


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