MMC Edizioni

This is the 'MMC Edizioni' corporate site & bookshop.
This small but well known Italian Publisher produces high quality paperback books. It's main focus is the city of Rome and its artistic and cultural peculiarities. Visiting that website you can find & buy very interesting photographic books speaking about different artistic and cultural aspects of the Eternal City, and also multicultural books, novels, etc. etc.
Built using Flexicontent as primary front-end interface, it also includes an e-shop area with a Ajax filtering system. The front-end interface let the external editors/reviewers to easly manage both the news/events and the products areaa. Each editor has the ability to include-escludeeach news/event and show them inside the related product page. This has been made using additional code driven by the Flexicontent component. The result is a deeply linked structure, very reliable for SEO.
18th of August, 2018


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