Wildlife Victoria

Wildlife Victoria provides a vital link for the community between distressed Australian wildlife and the appropriate response and care needed. They receive about 80,000 requests for help a year and help over 50,000 animals.
Wildlife Victoria has some specific requirements in terms of integrating with their Sales Force system. Two of the major uses of the site is for the public to submit a wildlife emergency case via the website and to for donations to be made.

For both features we used RSForm!Pro with some form modifications to allow for the Sales Force Integration. The emergency reporting form posts data directly to Sales Force which then kicks off an internal process to log the case and notify their volunteers.

The donation form which is managed via Sales Force was large and not pretty so we created a nice simple "short form" that allowed donors to get started and this information is passed to Sales Force (iframe within the website) where the donor can complete the transaction. This was a huge improvement on their old website.

The remainder of the site is purely informational, but does include some important monthly statistics which includes charts and graphs on the website and a Google Map that showing incident locations.
21st of August, 2018


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