- GDPR Processing Index

This website informs businesses and organizations about the GDPR, gives tips about how to make a website GDPR compatible.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the European privacy law that is enforced since May 25th 2018, and every business and organization that processes personal data of European citizens needs to comply with it.

One of the requirements is to set up a Processing Index in which is described what personal data is processed (gathered, stored and shared with 3rd parties) and how it is protected. The website offers an online GDPR Processing Tool.
The website uses Joomla's core multilingual feature to offer the website in English, German and Dutch.

The template uses the Bootstrap CSS framework. The GDPR Tips page uses Joomla's core Tags functionality.

The Software-as-a-Service was custom developed and uses an alternative registration procedure. The Joomla core registration form asks 6 fields: Name, Username, Email, 2nd Email (check with previous email field), Password, 2nd Password (check with previous password field). The alternative registration asks 2 fields (Name + Email) after which a temporary password is sent to the email address, and with first login, the user is forced to choose a new password.
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