Leren over Leven, Opleidingsinstituut Contextuele Studies (OICS)

The foundation Leren over Leven, Opleidingsinstituut Contextuele Studies (OICS) (Learning about Life, Training Institute for Contextual Studies) has a twofold objective; promotion of contextual assistance and therapy and the dissemination of contextual ideas outside the field of assistance. We try to achieve this offering courses, workshops and training, taking care of publications and organizing seminars / seminars.
The previous Joomla site had been hacked due to negligence so this was a nice opportunity to completely revise the website. The content remained the same but the site looks fresh and well-arranged now.
Registered users have their own private page where they get an overview of study materials only relevant to the education they follow and year of their study. This is done using Phoca Download and User Private Page, a good combination of extensions.
11th of September, 2018


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