Geonomy Ltd.

Aiming for excellence in what we do; for providing the best Geotechnical Engineering procedures, GEONOMY Ltd. covers a wide range of systemized operations and processes. Geotechnical engineering, testing, consulting, and much more are all part of the assistance packages we provide.

GEONOMY Ltd. provides technology and knowledge for the engineering industry, geotechnical engineering, materials testing, consulting, hydrogeology and delivering excellence in environmental, HSE and water management in the Middle-East, North Africa and the Gulf.
For sure Joomla! CMS is used to build this awesome website. SP Builder has made it easier for us to design the website with great modules, effects, and clear blue color. SP Portfolio is used to show Geonomy Ltd. projects, a great extension to be used for such objectives. JCH Optimize Plugin was used to boost the website speed and optimize all images making it faster to load pages. Akeeba Admin Tools & Backup is used to backup, restore, and protect the website from attacks.
20th of October, 2018


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