is for parents. We recomment playfull activities for infants and small children, songs, healthy food, doctors advisory articles, creative games, articles about organizing family trips, group games, nutrition, behavior and development of babies and children tips child psychologists, educators, trainers and articles from lawyers about family matters.
After quite a research back in 2007, I decided that Joomla was the easiest cms to manage. I had no knowledge of website building and the Greek community was very helpfull in every way.
I found a webhosting company specialized in Joomla! and I started building. It took me a long time to finish the editting becouse of personal limited free time. In every difficulty the greek community was there and a lot of things I could not understand the webhosting company helped.
I had dificulties back then with multilingual capability, with making images smaller, with sh404 and changing the urls, with seo futures, with upgrading from 1.7 to 2.
After all these years, I've learned a lot and now I'm in position to solve my problems with my own strength.
I'm looking forward for the 3.9 release so I can be compliant with gdpr without needing 3rd party extentions.
Thank you so much Joomla!
21st of October, 2018


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