Schools' Buying Hub North West

The Schools' Buying Hub North West is a resource that supports schools in placing good commercial contracts and saving money on complex areas, particularly services that are high value and less regularly procured by individual school buyers such as: catering, cleaning, energy and maintenance. The Schools' Buying Hub North West can provide schools access to dedicated Category Managers with experience in the relevant complex spend area.
The website was built using Joomla 3.x - with additional extensions and components to ease any time constraints of deadlines.
Using Yootheme Template Pro, the site easily took shape and with the ability of storing custom layouts, a uniform approach to development was established very quickly.
The website contains custom elements such as integration with Eventbrite to retrieve events and integration with MailChimp to update mailing lists.
Difficulties in this project were primarily down to time constraints with the deadline being 2 weeks from when the design was completed.
14th of December, 2018


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