Penny Wolk-Jones

Penny didn't continue to blog and let it lapse at year end.

Since I can't unpublish the site and it is no longer online I have redirected to my home page.
With it being a blog it had to be easy for the client to update plus I needed to provide her with free tools to use and training on sourcing images and copyright regulations. She had zero knowledge or experience with anything web but is a talented writer. The site was also on a very limited budget and I ended up donating one third of the cost in time and training.

The template used on this site is from Joomla51, also used Akeeba Backup, Admin Tools, Regular Labs Articles Anywhere, Cache Cleaner, Email Protector, and is monitored with myJoomla.

Client response: "Thank you for making this happen for me. It has been a dream of mine and it will now be reality.

I am absolutely stunned at how well the website design looks, and I feel like Alison truly captured my heart and soul!!"
14th of December, 2018


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