Presvac Systems Inc.

Presvac Systems Inc. has been a leader in vacuum truck manufacturing for over 45 years. This site is their business website.
Presvac was referred to me by another client. They had a website but it was not performing for them well. The old site was not responsive and other than the home page there was no search engine work done. It was also built on a system that was end of life the month after the build so no updates were done for years either.

I kept the colour pallet as it reflected their company colours but lightened it up and made it more current and to work better responsively.

The template used on this site is a custom Bootstrap template, also used Akeeba Backup, Admin Tools, Cache Cleaner, Email Protector, and is monitored with myJoomla.

Presvac also understands the importance of keeping the site content up to date and we are monthly adding new articles to the site and highlighting it on their social to encourage new traffic to the site.
14th of December, 2018


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