Thompson Motors South Coast

Previous website had no functionality and had limited features for a multi brand dealership which never generated one lead. Our brief was to create a site that showcased the new vehicle brands, promoted pre-owned and demo vehicles, and connected with the client seamlessly. We used Joomla 3.x together with Auto Digital Component for pre-owned listings. To showcase new models, we installed SP Page Builder and each model accurately reflects the layout on the manufacturer site but without links to other dealers. They wanted to present their managers through this platform and feature a live chat, so customers can connect instantly with the dealer. We always promise that two clicks are the limit for the user to navigate from home page to the information they are searching for. We planned carefully to keep navigation simple, professional with lead generation the primary goal for the client.
This site was designed from the client brief which required the showcase of new models of Nissan, Datsun, Renault and UD Trucks. We used SP Page Builder to create professional listings with easy access for dealer / client engagement. For pre-owned vehicles, our own component Auto Digital was used. Services from the dealer were made simple and we used one contact form, live chat and Facebook to ensure the client was able to connect instantly. The site requires extensive SEO, social media campaigns to promote new and pre-owned listings that link back to our platform. Joomla 3.x, Auto Digital, Auto Customer which displays images and comments to new customers taking ownership of their vehicle and SP Page Builder were the key components used to meet the requirements in the brief, this was an easy project, the brief was clear, and we used really good quality components which are user friendly for the client.
15th of December, 2018


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