Alphington Netball Club

Alphington Netball Club is a community-based, volunteer-run Netball club located in Melbourne, Australia.

They previously had a one-page website, but the club is growing and organisers were looking for ways to reduce volunteer hours and help prevent burnout. A strategic assessment determined that implementing a website-based "filter" between volunteers and end-users would help achieve this goal. As such, a large component of the website was the implementation of a comprehensive FAQ, as well as clear instructions on how all the different age groups could register and purchase uniforms.

A recent registration period resulted in almost 200 registrations and only 1 phone call, so the new site is considered a success.
The site was developed in Joomla! 3.x with Gantry5 framework and Helium template. The events calendar is JEvents, and PhocaDownload is used for PDF policies and downloads. One registration form is done using RSForms, the rest are external links to an existing Australia-wide netball registration system. The majority of modules used are either Joomla core or Gantry5 particles.

ACL was configured and a Gantry5 frontend layout developed, as well as several core overrides, to only provide basic options the clients require for day-to-day use. Ongoing maintenance, support and security are provided by developer.
17th of December, 2018


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