Giulio Andreotti Official Site

This is the Official Site of Giulio Andreotti, one of the most important 20th century Italian politicians, well known all over the World. Here you can find the only one complete history of his own life and political events, including searchable photos database and scanned original documents. The website is updated periodically with new contents.
The site has been built using Joomla and a very minimal additional components number. The main goal has been to make it very easy to navigate, mainly for the photos database. To reach the best result, the site has been built using a well known CCK (FlexiContent) and only a couple of other plugins. In that way, it has been relatively simple to obtain a very powerfull search function: the FlexiContent search indexing allows visitors to look for specific names or keywords and find all related content and photos with no errors. More, the site is fully HTML5 compliant.
12th of January, 2019


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