Schola Medica

Schola Medica is the dutch education center for emergency care. The ABCDE system is the starting point. With their experienced teachers and trained simulation patients, they simulate a realistic situation in a safe learning environment.

The Schola Medica provides general and detailed information about the courses but also about the meeting rooms, auditoriums, practice rooms and skills labs of Schola Medica that other user can rent to educate medical courses.
The Joomla 3 based responsive website was built with extensive use of custom fields. Each course has public content and content behind a login, specifically for students and teachers.

We used Regular Labs Conditional Content to display content within one article to three different user groups. Sign-up forms for courses were built with RSForm!Pro. To optimise the website for search engines we used PWT SEO and PWT Sitemap.

The template was custom build with Bootstrap 4 including many custom layouts and template overrides.
18th of February, 2019


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