Florian Malecki - Music for Piano & Guitar

As a musician, I am performing as pianist on stage, in performances and on recordings. As a composer, I am writing a kind of „new classic“ music for piano and guitar. I also offer private piano lessons.
The new webdesign for my personal musicians website should look clean, clear and cosy – and should be fast-and-easy to use for those, who want to buy products in the shop, e.g. concert tickets. The result is a modern website with a unusual layout concept, color-filterd images and individual article structur.
The website uses a vertical-split layout with 2 columns on horizontal formats starting at 1024px width and a fullscreen scrollable layout on smaller devices.
Right from the beginning, we had the idea to put each single element of the article layout into an accordion panel: the article image, fulltext, gallery, media, extra-fields etc. were placed in the right columns accordion-module.
We used – as we mostly do at my agency dégagée – joomlarts' T3 framework with bootstrap3 to implement the template, K2 for the content and K2Store for the shop.
Because we used the vertical-split screen for all sections – Home, category-listings and single article view – we had to change a few layouts with html-overrides to get the desired HTML-elements on the left (e.g. K2 category image and description / K2 article image, title and introtext ...) and right part (e.g. for categorylist or content details) of the screen.
The shop, based on K2Store, offers sheet music, CDs and concert tickets.
20th of February, 2019


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