American Massage Training UK - Bespoke Event Website

We created this site in its entirety on behalf of Web Design Unlimited and write this with their permission.

This was a bespoke design coded using Gantry 5 and the Hydrogen template (their most lightweight template). We used custom SCSS, custom modules, plugins and plenty of overrides to get the site looking this way.

Modules include a breakout module where the image breaks out of its container. All are editable by the client. All-in-all there are about 5-10 custom modules and plugins. You can see the breakout module in our images where the image breaks out of the central container when it should end with the same margin as the text (but opposite). We also show a version of the module for the events with an image and without. FAQs is a Joomla Articles Intro module restyled.

We used Joom Donation's Event Booking as the event and booking system but we overrode the modules to be bespoke. We also created Gantry 5 layouts and submitted them back to Joom Donation via the Forum.
This client had a good idea and a very complex brief which we could only meet by using Joom Donations Event Booking component. No other Joomla! or WordPress component/plugin could do what they required.

The client was technical enough to use a computer, but not highly skilled with a CMS and initially requested WordPress and the Yoast plugin. We explained that their brief would have to be altered if they used a WordPress plugin, and offered PWT SEO as a Yoast alternative - which they now like.

We created custom admin overrides with instructions to use the events booking software, custom dashboard (cpanel) shortcut buttons so the menu was less confusing (we could have used an admin menu but we didn't). We also created custom helper videos in the dashboard so they would not need to come back in 6 months and relearn the information.

The client is elated with the outcome.
22nd of March, 2019


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