GENSupport (A Division of GEN)

GENSupport has always been ahead of the game when it comes to providing the very best service and this is part of our company ethos. We embrace technology with open arms and work it hard. We have, for example been providing Remote Support since 1999 and remain a market leader in this field. Our Emergency Support services provide rapid on-site response to organisations 24 hours a day and our Forensic and Security Services are well regarded in the Industry. Take a look at our Service Level Agreements and Maintenance Agreements and you'll see that we're a no-nonsense company. We provide what we promise and work hard to ensure we maintain our reputation for professional and competitive services.
GEN, the Parent Company has an active Joomla Hosting and Software Development Team so it made perfect sense to Migrate this .net site over to Joomla.

When we did, we lost a toolset that was written in .net that our customers and staff found particularly useful. We re-wrote these tools in PHP and added them to our Joomla Site.

The Joomla Framework provides all the support required to allow rapid development of embedded tools for anyone with PHP experience. Some of our Tools, such as the Blacklist Checking Tool, not only checks a given IP's blacklisting in realtime, but also saves the result to a new article or updates an existing article depending on how many times you've used the tool for any given IP. The actual rough code for this is on our Wiki for anyone to view and incorporate into their site.

I would also like to give Kudos to Regular Labs Sourcer, which is not only an exceptionally useful component, but gives site owners a quick and dirty way to test code before embedding.
22nd of March, 2019


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