Ronvin Motors Middelburg

This site is a Joomla 3.x development. Its purpose is to sell pre-owned cars in the province of Mpumalanga, and we have used our own component to manage the listings as well as SP Page Builder to create the other menu item articles. This ensures responsiveness and is visually welcoming. A commercial template was used which required substantial re-coding, the website and the Facebook company page will serve to prospect new customers and generate leads for the dealership. We have also included an online chat which is monitored by our support team.
The brief from the client was very simple. We were asked to create a website and social media profile with the only purpose of generating new leads for car sales. We used Joomla 3.x, a commercial template, SP Page Builder and our own component for managing car listings, autodigitalv2.1_com which is always being upgraded to meet the needs of the local auto industry. Daily sitemaps using Aimy PRO Sitemap component is generated through a cron job, listings are managed daily and online chats are attended to by our support team on behalf of the client. All design work, logos, and pages were created by our team as the client did not have any former Ci or website or social media accounts. Our team created all elements linking to this website.
5th of April, 2019


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