GEN Professional IT Support and Outsourcing

GEN, as a UK based partnership has the scope and expertise to provide highly secure enterprise class Information Technology Outsourcing and Managed Services on Windows Server, Linux, Synology and Unix and we've been doing this successfully for 25 years.
GEN has a large Software Development Team and we've been developing for Joomla since Version 1.5. Our own website is mostly static content, our directory, news, portal, network status, and realtime charts like the realtime datacenter power usage are all dynamically generated when the page is loaded by leveraging the Joomla framework to access local and remote databases, grab XML and JSON from other servers and render it into a readable format.

As a business we do charge for our support (to business customers) and our components, modules and plug-ins, but we also believe that open source really does matter which is why we publish snippets of PHP & Joomla code on our KB/Wiki. Its not that the Joomla Documentation isn't great, because it is, but sometimes when you need, for example to create an article by alias if it doesn't exist, OR update it if it does, then the code is on the wiki, copy/paste it, hack it around and its free to use.
6th of April, 2019


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