Loomis UK

Loomis is the UK’s premier cash management specialist and we help manage the public flow of cash in society.

This is a commercial showcase website - providing prospects with valuable insight into our offer and providing live chat integrations and support for existing clients.

We also recently introduced killer vacancy features and integrated some new brand movies along with many years of consolidated tweaks, improvements and gleaned best practices from the forums and community - thank you all.
UK website has been based on Joomla for approx 7 years or more.

Recently moved from a hybrid of YooTheme's free Warp7 Master template to Astroid and must say, it's a pleasure to work with.

Paired with a tried and tested .htaccess file, a recent migration to SSL and years of consolidated SEO tuning - this website scores amazingly on Website Grader, GTMetrix, Pagespeed Insights, Varvy, PIngdom, Security Headers, CookieBot and all while being fully GDPR compliant and looking delicious.

Does it show that I'm rather proud of the site :-)
17th of April, 2019


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