FIA Automotive

Joomla 3.9 installation with a commercial template customized to fit with the client's CI, SP Page Builder used to create responsive pages, promoting automotive parts from global brands to the local automotive industry. The site offers company information, live chat, various contact forms and showcases the product range of several brands. The site and social media are used to expand the company's market share through targeted ad campaigns linking back to the website where we are able to capture the client info that is compatible with the client's CRM, with future plans to feed info like the number of units in stock, pricing, and a payment gateway. The client provided no brief. Our design team, using the client's existing CI, create each article and graphics based on our experience and understanding of this specific industry.
With no brief from the client, our team was able to create and design without any restrictions. Using Joomla 3.9, SP Page Builder and a sitemap generator component, the website was a creation by the design team which is unique only to this client. The site is designed to generate organically searched leads and targeted paid ad campaigns to capture the user on the site and collect the data from the user that can in future be integrated into the client's CRM. Live chat was coded into the source and is managed by our support desk on behalf of the client. The language used is English UK.
8th of May, 2019


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