Muval - Find Removal Companies and Book Online

Muval is an innovative startup based in Australia that aims to increase the efficiency of moving interstate with a professional company. Through this website, customers can enter their start and end locations to find a truck that is travelling in the same direction, matched to similar dates of what they request. This helps people find space in trucks at a fraction of the cost of what they would usually pay.

By improving efficiency in this manner, companies who operate trucks can win more work, customers get better prices, and it helps to reduce carbon emissions.
Muval proudly runs on Joomla and SEBLOD. It uses a lot of BeforeStore and AfterStore processing files to handle integrations with payment platforms like Stripe. We also use WebServices to make information available to our Muval Driver app which works alongside our Joomla and SEBLOD system. The matching algorithm for ensuring customers find relevant trips utilizes Google's routeboxer ( to find overlaps between what the customer requests, and the truck trips that are stored in the database.

The site features a login section where companies can upload their trip information and pricing, as well as schedule their jobs and manage other public information about their company.

The site also takes a powerful and dynamic approach to search engine optimisation using all of the benefits of Joomla and SEBLOD. Using SEBLOD's dynamic list page capabilities, this site generates meaningful and relevant content pages that can target customers' specific search queries.
10th of May, 2019


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