Steele Motors

Steele Motors is a family-run custom car repair and restoration shop. They specialize in British vehicles and are located in Pennsylvania, USA. The owner, Kelby Steele, has transitioned into retirement but still finds joy in his work and plans to continue working on projects with his family.
After 45 years of restoring vintage British sports and touring cars, Kelby Steele has shifted gears and is now enjoying the hobby in his retirement. Operating Steele Motors as a full-service restoration shop was no easy drive in the country. Now that Kelby has made this transition, he spends more time maintaining his collection of cars and continues to lend his expertise to the Rolls-Royce Foundation. They need a website to help convey that message, point visitors to their contact information, and show off some of their amazing project cars in their blog.
8th of July, 2019


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