Dauphin Telecom

Dauphin Telecom is one of the main internet / phone / mobile / TV provider of the Caribbean (Saint-Martin, Saint-Barthélemy, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Guyane).
This website is dedicated to individuals, who can also take out a phone/internet subscription online.
In 2018, Dauphin Telecom, as one of the major telecommunication providers of the whole French Caribbean needed a brand new website, with a fresh and modern design as well as a responsive display.
They contacted IDIMweb to build their new main website. As it's a brand, the full design was provided in .PSD files.
Early 2021, we launched a brand new design, cleaner, more modern and with more CSS animations.
In March 2021, we launched a new section: Le Shop, where people can take out (and pay) a phone/internet subscription online: https://www.dauphintelecom.com/shop
The shop forms have been built with RSForms.
8th of July, 2019


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