Villa Garbald

The Villa Garbald in Castasegna / Bregaglia was designed in 1862 by the architect Gottfried Semper for the spouses Garbald-Gredig. In 2004 the architects Miller & Maranta renovated it, integrating it into the new modern Roccolo building.

Spouses Garbald took him over in 1864 and until 1958 lived their descendants who had no children. Since then the Villa and the conspicuous cultural legacy of the family have been owned by the Garbald Foundation.

Today the Villa Garbald, protected by the Monument Service, is a popular venue for workshops and retreats dealing with science, culture, education and economics. The unique atmosphere of the Villa Garbald seminar center is also created with cultural events and temporary art installations. Every year contemporary artists, collaborating with the Grisons Art Museum, alternate to exhibit their works. Particular attention in this area is given to photography.
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