Summit Public Library

The Summit Library intitally came to me when they had 1 month to upgrade the entire website to Joomla. We did it and made the deadline. Over the years, we have upgraded the library's template and overall view, but it's still with Joomla and running strong!
The key to the summit library is the front page image slide show. This was put in a 4x6 format so the library staff would be able to easily add new images / flyers to this show. We include a caption on the show, for accessibility.

We did our best to make the site accessible for all users.

1. Ignite gallery for slideshows and images
2. List of databases uses a weblink listing tool, to display multiple categories in an interesting way. When we upgrade to Joomla 4, I assume we will not be able to use the directory of weblinks in the same way...looking forward to other tools that will display categories of weblinks nicely.

The Teen page, and some other pages use different backgrounds, to give a different feel to the website.

The library chose to use an external event system to manage their events and registration.
18th of July, 2019


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