Go on Girl Book Club

The Go On Girl! Book Club is a nationally recognized reading club committed to fostering an awareness of and appreciation for the diverse literary works by authors of the Black Diaspora. Our deep and authentic respect for literature aligns with our not-for-profit status whereby we earmark the vast majority of organizational funds to furthering our mission and celebrating our love of literature. Since our founding in 1991, the organization has organically grown into more than 30 chapters consisting of 300+ members in cities across the country.
We used Mosets to create a directory system for:
- Book Directory
- Author Directory
- Awards Directory

Over the next few months of 2019, our goal is actually to convert the data from mosets into Core Joomla using custom fields.

Using community builder we have an extensive login system for members only which includes:
- Membership only section
- Multiple page questionnaire
The multiple page questionnaire was done using RS!Forms Pro, the client is able to maintain and create new questionnaires every few months.

We have installed ignite gallery for the various photo gallery pages:
Photo Gallery
Landing Page slide shows
Site design by RytechSites
Map listing of Chapters
Member, Chapter and Executive committee listings with community builder
Members can edit their own profiles and banner pages and communicate with each other.
Donation forms
Award Weekend forms
18th of July, 2019


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