Honda Auto South Coast

To remain within the digital identity of the Capital Motor Group, this site provides users with high-quality listings of new Honda cars, using SP Page Builder and Joomla 3.9x, this site showcases the full range of Honda passenger cars, and linked to a Facebook page with a reasonable following, this brings most visitors to the site as well as a well structured site for search engines to rank. The commercial template has been used on three sites that conform with the group's digital identity, responsive being the most important feature for the user.
We were asked to deliver high-quality vehicle listings for the Honda range to the local users and limit their ability to connect only with this dealership. Joomla 3.9x and SP Page Builder were used with a commercial template. In-house designers created OEN quality listings and effortless contact with the dealer through live chat and visible contact information. This was an easy project and the objectives were simple - connect users interested in purchasing a new car, with the dealership, using paid ad campaigns and integration with social media.
18th of July, 2019


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