Femina Physical Therapy

Femina Physical Therapy specializes in treating these conditions that are all too often misunderstood by the medical community, including pelvic pain, incontinence, and other pelvic floor issues.

The purpose of the site is twofold:

1. To explain in clear English all of the various symptoms and causes of pelvic floor issues
2. To describe the physical therapy services that the Femina PT team provides in the greater Los Angeles area
This site was designed as a new "women centric" site for Heather Jeffcoat's physical therapy services to complement her primary website Fusion Wellness & Physical Therapy (https://fusionwellnesspt.com) which caters to all genders.

Like Fusion Wellness, the Femina site is built on the Joomla platform. Heather and her staff blog regularly using the standard Joomla content component.

Both sites are SEO optimized using both J Sitemap Pro and Easy Front End SEO.

The sites are hosted on a VPS server, and performance is enhanced by using LiteSpeed server and its caching plugin, along with JCH Optimize.

Femina PT also generates a regular email newsletter using AcyMailing Enterprise.

The sites are secured with a combination of excellent Joomla extensions including Brute Force Stop Administration and Marco's SQL Injection - LFI Interceptor
6th of August, 2019


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