Mahindra Malalane

Owners of an existing Mahindra dealer has opened a new dealership, located in Malalane, Mpumalanga. This site is to showcase new cars and trucks and make contact with the user as quickly as possible. Joomla 3.9x and SP Page Builder is used, our designer creates listings similar to OEM site, ad campaign budget has been increased to connect social media users with the page and contact with the dealer. These two sites will link into a Pre-Owned URL to display both dealerships used stock. Quick contact, 2 click rule applies, and google platform increases to compete with larger Mahindra dealers, this is our goal. Visually, the design work is done using OEM images and designs by our in-house designer. Commercial Joomla 3 template altered to fit client's Ci.
Owners of Mahindra Nelspruit want to expand their digital footprint on search engines. Their growth into new locations allows us to increase their search engine coverage. This was their brief to us, to spend more money in campaigns and grow their organic footprint so users could have more options when looking for a Mahindra vehicle. Joomla 3.9x and SP Page Builder was applied, and a commercial template was used from the Nelspruit site to stay in line with the company's corporate identity. A new pre-owned URL will link all used cars from both locations, which I believe the outcome will be in line with the brief, to expand the client's footprint in search results and become more competitive.
7th of August, 2019


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