GBA Projects

GBA Projects have been a Mity client for many years, and are an Adelaide-based project management company who specialise in working with large and complex developments such as freeways, hospitals and other large capital projects.

This new site was designed as part of their rebranding and allows them to showcase their services and skills to potential clients, and used as a supporting tool for their tender responses.

The visual priority of information for this new site was key – simplifying the layout and content presentation, while also providing neat and organic navigation without needing to always go to the main menu.
The template for this new site is completely custom designed and built from the ground up. This has allowed us to keep the template light and meet the clients specific design requirements.

With the exception of forms (which uses RSFormPro) the content for this site is all created and manage via the core Joomla Article Manager. For blog articles the Tags component is used, however the output is a heavily customised layout override to ensure the layout of tag views is the same as the category blog views.

The client had a requirement to display different image, blog content and contact details depending on the site visitor’s location. To achieve this, we use the Regular Labs Advance Module Manager in combination with their GeoIP plugin to serve the relevant images and content.

The menu is utilising the core Joomla menu module to output the simple list items and we have some custom CSS to style and create the drop-down. For the mobile menu we use the same menu module and utilise SIDR CSS and JS for style and
8th of August, 2019


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