Rouch Energies

This site is intended for individuals looking for the right company for their energy renovation work, or just for information in this area.
It allows them to understand the different technologies available to reduce the carbon footprint (and energy bill) of their home.
This site is also a source of information on public subsidies, tax credit and other financial assistance for households in a situation of fuel poverty.
Rouch Energies also offers the installation of residential photovoltaic, intended to produce some of its own electricity.
In short, it's about saving energy and renewables.
I created this site in early 2014, starting from scratch.
And when I say from scratch, I really do mean it! I had absolutely no notion of html or where to start.
After some research on the web, it is the responsiveness and arguments of the French-speaking community active on the Joomla forum that convinced me to test this solution.
Whenever I encountered a difficulty (and when we are beginner, we meet some), I always got help from other contributors.
Now our site brings us about half of our clients, and its audience goes well beyond the small region in which we work. It records between 500 and 1000 visits per day.
I use some free extensions like Flexicontent (even if Joomla now contains many of the functions for which I linked Flexicontent to Joomla in 2014), the excellent extensions of RegularLabs (sliders, tooltips, modals ...), Sigplus for photo galleries in our portfolio, etc. I use Template Creator which gives me a clean code and no JS errors, and plenty of CK extensions.
29th of September, 2019


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