Art Glass and Metal

Custom Designed Architectural Art Glass

Art Glass and Metal has been producing etched/sandblasted glass in San Diego county for over 40 years. The origins of Art Glass and Metal were developed by creating ever more intricate etched glass and carved glass designs. Over the years and hundreds of commissions later, the techniques of casting and slumping glass and water-jet cutting have also been added to Jay's repertoire. These art glass techniques have enabled him to create a wide range of artistic styles, as evidenced by his large portfolio of original designs.
The challenge with this site was to create a layout that would showcase Jay Hoyt Curtis' amazing art glass designs using a simple, clean layout. We chose the excellent "Verona" template from which comes with some very nice image modules, and we added DJ Image Slider for a little bit different look, and Flexicontact Plus for customers to contact Jay directly.
29th of October, 2019


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