ASL des Terres Basses - St. Martin

The ASL des Terres Basses is a homeowners' association of the island of St. Martin (FWI). Most part of the site is accesssible to teh association's members only.
The ASL des Terres Basses (homeowners' association) had a website powered by another CSM. The management and maintenance costs were too hard/high according to their needs. They asked IDIMWeb to rebuild it with Joomla and ensure an easy management and a reasonable maintenance cost. The website is a simple one, it needed a public area, mostly for the news and contact and a member area. The member area constains private news, and documentation. An extension has been used to customize the registration fields and allows to get a table automatically created with the member details.
As an important part of members are living in the US, the website is both in French and American English
12th of November, 2019


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