Ruta del Vino de Yecla

The Yecla Wine Route is a group of establishments in the town Yecla region of Murcia in Spain that promote tourism, gastronomy and wine in this city.

The following belong to the Yecla Wine Route: Wineries, olive oil mills, restaurants, bars, shops, livestock, accommodation, public institutions such as the DO of Yecla, Yecla Town Hall, Yecla Tourist Office.

Yecla Wine Route throughout the year organizes activities: festivals, routes, visits to the city, nature, gastronomic festivals, tapas routes, wine tastings, regional folklore performances. We must add the activities carried out by each establishment.

Throughout the year, a great deal of information, photographs and videos, activities, etc. are collected.

I encourage you to visit us!
The first difficulty is the large amount of different information that there is to manage on the web, as well as slowly incorporate more languages (for the first use I use a complement de Joomlaart to translate with Google Translate.

It is created on frame T3 and modified template.

For the activities we have used an Agenda plugin: events-booking de JoomDonation

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For the cards of the associates as well as activities we have used for their personalization the personalized fields of the articles.

The use of Tag for search is a great help, although it is made of less that an article could be assigned to several categories.

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22nd of November, 2019


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