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Alder Sportswear | A passion for waves
Alder was created in the ’60s by Bob and Anne Westlake. It all started on their farm in the heart of Devon in the UK.
The Fusion of Bob’s passion for surfing and Anne’s sewing abilities led to our first range of board shorts, jackets and T-shirts, specifically tailored for surfers.
Now, Alder has a complete range of products for surfers and bodyboards – from wetsuits to wax we strive to create high-quality surf-gear fit for the Surf School or Surf retailer.

The site is used to showcase the products manufactured by was created way back using a very basic knowledge of HTML.
Then I was introduced the benefits of Content management system (CMS) I started with Mambo but this fell by the wayside and was no longer supported, in 2013 my good friend Nick @ introduced me Joomla and I have used ever since, never being tempted to go to the dark side (Wordpress).

Joomla is the core of the site with Virtuemart being used a product catalogue.
Templates are from, beautiful, responsive and SEO optimized.
1st of January, 2020


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