BLOCKFER - Blockchain Finance

Blockfer was designed to be an authority in the blockchain finance ecosystem. Our focus is on reviewing legitimate companies that offer products and services around Bitcoin, stable-coins, digital securities, and other blockchain assets.

We see this market growing because the technology allows money and value to be transferred 100% online in an open-way. We believe that this will open the door to new users around the world to financial services that can be used with only an internet connection.
We choose Joomla over Wordpress because of Joomla's dynamic menu options, template versatility, and SEO settings.

We knew that different pages that display rates, comparison tools, and just simple articles would require different assigned templates.

For the data we built a custom component that controls all of our category modules. Using this component we can add the different services and products of our niche to the Joomla backend.

We then have a custom plugin that displays the data from the component in the native Joomla article content. To us it was important we keep using Joomla default article content because of the customization it allows in the menu structure and SEO settings.

Instead of doing too much custom work we just have one custom component that can easily transfers its data to the native Joomla modules and content structure.

We did not encounter any difficult parts, Joomla MVC structure allowed us to build exactly what we want, and keep making changes quickly.
15th of January, 2020


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