GREP discovers potentials for owners & investors to increase the added value and yield of their real estate portfolio. The GREP business model combines 2 value propositions:

The identification of innovation potential for real estate - this is where their expertise lies, especially in properties considered to have little or no chance of generating a return.

The development of market-attractive projects - thus they offer their clients ideal conditions to contribute their own ideas and reach a new level of innovation. and to develop and establish a highly attractive market product.

These two fields of activity are framed by the GREP services, which make GERMAN REAL ESTATE PIONEERS unique - an exclusive partnership to turn your ideas into reality.
This website was former built using SquareSpace. Due to the very limited abilities within such construction kits GREP decided to invest into a more professional and self-sufficient solution.

The challenge was to combine the Layout (had to look exactly as in Squrespace) with JOOMLA! contentstructure especially for blog-view.

Using Template Creator CK and Regular Labs "Articles anywhere" it could be done!
7th of February, 2020


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