Book in Holland is a travel & vacationportal built in the Netherlands.
Landlords can list their holiday accommodation here & receive booking requests directly in to their own rental administration, website or receive them with a form by e-mail.
The website also has a attractions database for showing nice places to visit in the neighborhood of the listed accommodations.
Updated from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4 in 2023.
For this project a few special components are used.
JSW Realestate for managing the listings
JSW CRM for managing contactinformation & docs
JSW Finance for creating & managing invoices & offers
Large part of the interface is only avilable for the users & managers of the website.
Users of the website can manage their listing & other information with the frontend intranet environment of the site with a full-responsive interface.
13th of February, 2020


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