SunshineWorks provides information and shopping for someone to become energy independent.
Someone can build an off-grid system for pumping water, providing electricity for an off-grid structure or research different off-grid appliances and equipment.
The most recent version of Joomla was used and is still updated as needed. The biggest advantage was using a commercial template which helped to launch the look and feel of the site. Essential components are Akeeba backup, RSformPro, eShop, SPPageBuilder that help to create the style and type of content we want to present to our users.
The site was transitioned from a shopify site due to the flexibility allowed by Joomla not only to have a template driven shopping interface with customizable technical details, but also the added educational content and visual appeal.
The ability to add custom, in-house developed components, plugins and template overrides is also a huge bonus.
The biggest learning curve, even for a casual long time user, was getting modules set up with the desired template. The change of templates should not be taken lightly with regards to their preferred frameworks because module position names.
21st of February, 2020


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