Labrys Reizen

Labrys Reizen is a company specialized in exclusive group travel for over 25 years. They organize high-level group travel with small groups, sophisticated programmes and highly expert tour guides. Besides that they organize tailor made group travel for large groups like schools and businesses.
The company had two separate websites: one for group travel with small groups, the other for tailor made group travel for large groups. They wanted to combine them into one website. A media company designed a new layout for the combined website.

We (Remco Janssen of Cross Media Creations and Peter Martin of db8) merged both old websites into one. Remco created the responsive template using CSS Grid. Peter programmed the travel application for the exclusive group travel part to manage and display the trips, tour guides, contact persons, themes, and partner organisations. For the tailor made group travel we used regular Joomla categories + articles in combination with some alternative template overrides that we created.

The main difficulty that we ran into was that 2 weeks after the launch, we got complaints that some people got weird pages. It appeared that a tiny fraction of the visitors was still using Internet Explorer 11. And IE11 appeared to not fully support CSS Grid. We solved it by having IE11 browsers load an extra CSS file that corrects the screens just for IE11.
8th of April, 2020


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