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We deal with corporate catering. We provide snacks in offices, at fairs and covered campaigns. Dishes and snacks are prepared fresh, in front of guests of the main events. Imagine a second breakfast at the service of an important conference, after you often visit guests with yogurt with fresh fruit and healthier additions or a hot dog stand in the conference room, assessing the situation for your employees for the achieved goal. The Entertainment Embassy helps you everywhere. We have about 30 gastronomic stands that will delight you and guests of special events. We help organize attractions at market stands, e.g. in the form of ice cream from a vending machine or a machine with freshly squeezed orange juice. We know how to attract attention and make your event memorable for a long time. If you are planning promotional participation in the showroom we will tell you what will attract interest. Outdoor cinema? Problem None! Provide the best popcorn and nachos with cheese sauce and a lemonade stand.
We have over 2,500 implementations, use our experience! We will advise and advise which attractions will match the places and profiles of your guests.
Our offer includes:
• hot dog stands with original Heinz sauces
• hot chocolate machines containing 75% cocoa + whipped cream
• waffles with fruit
• nutella and banana pancakes
• donuts donuts - production line - donuts baked in front of you,
• cotton candy, stretching like a tulle scarf,
• popcorn from grains without the use of GMOs,
• natural lemonade, stand smelling of mint and summer
• italian ice cream, with the best toppings and toppings you've had,
• carte d'Or ball ice cream in 30 flavors
• granita, which is a frozen dessert based on juice and crushed ice
• napolitana pizza
• classic casseroles with processed cheese, mushrooms and salami
• italian casseroles based on pizza dough
• salad bar, in each event guests will choose the ingredients themselves,
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8th of May, 2020


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