TV Wangen

The website is intended for club members or interested parties. The individual sports that exist in a gymnastics club are presented. All information for everyone and everybody. A chronicle of past times or pictures of the years with the activities. One can still tell a lot, but sometimes it is often best to rummage around or simply write to the many volunteer trainers. Most of what can be said is that we do it for the children.
Of course Joomla and a template bought from Joomlaplates. I must say here a great support that always gives an answer and does not leave you alone. For this the extension SP of RokSprocket is used. First I had another picture gallery, but I came back to the Phoca gallery.
Difficulties I had at the beginning with the template because it is quite powerful and you can adjust a lot. The extension of RokSprocket has from time to time also its pitfalls. Phoca I already knew Joomla 1.x.
13th of May, 2020


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