IGLOTECH is a company founded and successfully managed for 25 years by Mr. Leszek Bystrzycki and Rafał Ostrowski. The company was established and continuously operates based in Kwidzyn. Thanks to the consistent policy there is a constant expansion, which accompanies the continuous improvement of structures and employment growth. IGLOTECH belongs to the National Refrigeration Forum and is a member of the Polish Ventilation Association.
This project was a little different from our previous implementations, because in this case we have already received a comprehensive graphic design from the client, so our task was to transfer the graphic design to the Joomla template.

The design was quite complicated, so it was necessary to modify the template and components.

The main element of the site is a product catalog with many categories and filters, for which we used our proprietary component DJ-Catalog2.
20th of May, 2020


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