The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) delivers policies, programs and services that support and enhance the health and wellbeing of all Victorians.

To advance quality, safety and innovation in the foodservice industry, DHHS approached us to co-design an online learning and assessment tool that would replace an inefficient paper-based process of educating food-handling personnel on food safety practices.

By partnering with a DHHS project team throughout the project to understand user journeys and challenges, we successfully designed and launched a custom DoFoodSafely application using Joomla. DoFoodSafely has been adopted across the food services industry with Australia and receives six million hits a year.
Webplace developed the web application using Joomla 3.x. A custom template was created that utilised the Bootstrap Framework and heavy use of jQuery. 2 custom components were created. The first was to manage the e-learning modules that cover a range of Food handling categories. The second component was to manage a custom assessment that would randomly select questions for each assessment. A score of 90% or greater is required to pass the assessment. Successful participants can then download or email a certificate which is generated dynamically using TCPDF.

The second phase of this project was to translate the entire site, e-learning modules and assessment into 3 additional languages. We utilised Joomla's inbuilt multilingual capabilities to achieve this. The site is now available in English, Arabic, Vietnamese and Simplified Chinese.

In May 2020 the assessment was attempted over 25,000 times

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4th of June, 2020


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