Monastery Museum

The relaunch of this site for a monastery museum in Altomünster in Bavaria/Germany was built from an outdated wordpress website. The purpose is to present basical facts about the museum like opening times and more detailed information about the permanent and special exhibitions.
The sites' template is based on JoomlArts' Ja Wall Template. For that base we created not only an own theme, but made a main addition as well: we implemented a "full-grid" parameter to display items in full-width. The main aim besides showing big pictures is to structure the content items (page break). The wall-grid is used for the frontpage and all other category pages.
The frontpage show featured articles of several categories.

For the content creation we used K2 and AllVideos by JoomlaWorks. Most items can be viewed with a beautiful single article layout. For the article layout we made a few changes to the standard K2-layout: we placed the ExtraFields, the media-section and the downloads between intro- and full-text, to have the basical infos and the most interesting things – like the article-video – on top of the layout.

For the K2-ExtraFields we created several K2-content-modules to dynamically display opening times, entrance fees e.g. inside an exhibition article.
Of course we were happy to have different sizes of the article image. We used the K2-related items feature, too, to display related guided tours and other articles.
21st of July, 2020


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