Pacific Shores Medical Group

The website is for current, and potentially new patients of Pacific Shores Medical Group.

PSMG's comprehensive hematology/oncology program is devoted to delivering state-of-the-art treatments for blood diseases and cancer. Medical oncology is the specialty dedicated to the medical management of patients with cancer, while hematology addresses blood disorders
The original site was created by a doctor that had no website building experience and used Weebly for the platform. I completely redesigned the site focusing on user experience. Like most of my sites, I started with a template/framework and then I used a lot of custom CSS to make it resemble my design. For this site I used JoomlaShine's JSN AIR 2 PRO template. DEMO:

I always try to use as much of the Joomla core functions and as few 3rd party EXTs a possible.
15th of August, 2020


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