Missing Persons Center

Year after year, it seems as if more and more people are being reported missing on a global basis. Many cases don't get any press and most of the world has no idea of all the missing people that need to be found.

We can't sit back and count on law enforcement to find everyone or even some of the people. We, as a global community need to keep our eyes open for people who need our help wherever you are.

Our platform is designed for families and allows them to maintain the profile and public information that they want to share with searchers and the general public in an informative, accurate and dignified way.

Generic profiling is usually not updated by the organizations tasked with publishing the information, so now the family has direct access to maintain their missing person file all the time.

Keeping the record up to date is essential when being shared with the news media and others that can social share the information but also keep it in the media spotlight.

We never want to see a single missing person's case fall through the cracks, never to be heard from or seen again for lack of effort.
We used Joomla, of course and SP Pagebuilder, NicePage and many extensions. Our biggest challenge is still learning how to create our own usable custom css for module styling.
26th of October, 2020


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